Who Attends & Why


  1. Gain insights from leading Lawyers and HR consultants about recent and developing changes to parental leave, 90-day trials and performance management in our interactive lawyer panel discussion
  2. Hear from Fletcher Building as they assess the suitability of the 90-day trial as opposed to a performance management approach
  3. Learn how to manage under-performing employees and ensuring procedural fairness for dismissal and terminations
  4. Find out how The Warehouse Group are supporting employees who are domestic violence victims
  5. Discover changes to employment law with regards to pay equity and increase in work inspections in our interactive lawyer panel discussion
  6. Learn strategies for better outcomes through collective bargaining and how to use the “good faith” obligation to your advantage
  7. Exploring innovative approaches to providing workplace environments that considers mental health and the wellbeing of employees
  8. Gain insights on how Jacobsen Creative Surfaces ensures their Health and Safety investigations are accurate and compliant to current law
  9. Understand how Hutt Valley District Health Board and Waipuna Hospice are creating a workplace culture with zero-tolerance to workplace bullying
  10. Explore your bullying and harassment responsibilities and investigation do’s and don’ts from our lawyer based interactive panel discussion


Directors, Heads, Specialists and Senior Managers who are responsible for:
  • Human Resources
  • Employee/Employment Relations
  • Industrial Relations
  • Workplace Relations
  • People and Culture
  • Workforce Management
  • Inhouse counsel